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Archaeological finds point to a high level of skill and sophistication at an astoundingly early date.

The first prestigious garments were probably the skins of dangerous animals worn by daring hunters.

PS Agriculture’s fund grew to include more than 200,000 investors with deposits worth more than 900 billion kip (U. 9.3 million), but after the government issued a warning at the end of last year calling the investment scheme illegal because the company was not registered as a financial firm, stakeholders began to withdraw their money.

After the Bank of the Lao PDR earlier this month ordered PS Agriculture to repay its debts by July 6, the company requested an extension, saying it would be impossible to meet that deadline.

And an investor who attended the meeting told RFA’s Lao Service on condition of anonymity that PS Agriculture will not be paying stakeholders who invested between 20 because “they have already received dividends,” adding that the company will provide further details at a later date.

Following the meeting, an investor named Keovisian Xaiyasith slammed Por Her for misleading stakeholders and demanded that he step down as director of the company.“Por Her should stop saying things to promote his profile, because nobody trusts him anymore,” he said.“The company cannot move forward because no one will join you.

The Egyptians easily could have exaggerated, and several pharaohs may have ruled at the same time in different regions of the land, as archaeologist David Down suggests in his revised chronology (above).

This fraud is the result of your management.”RFA’s Lao Service attempted to contact Arkhom Pasert, the director general of the Financial Institution Supervision Department under the Bank of the Lao PDR, for additional details about PS Agriculture’s operations, but an official who answered the phone at the agency said he was in a meeting and unable to take the call.

Construction was halted only temporarily, and the kiln was hastily and unprofessionally excavated over a one-month period.

At least four more kilns have been identified since then, and surface evidence and topography indicate at least one hundred more in the Ban Tao Hai Village of the Jar Kilns vicinity Archaeologists have labeled the area Sisattanak Kiln Site Further Research: The production of woven and embroidered textiles is the most prolific of all traditional crafts in Laos.

Though the Bible associates Mizraim’s name with Egypt, archaeologists have not found any mention of his name, and there is no evidence that he built any pyramids.

According to Manetho, pyramid-building began when the architect Imhotep designed the “Step Pyramid” in the third dynasty, similar to the ziggurats of Sumer.

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